Orange crush

The colour of autumn

Autumn blues? Not with us!

We are extending summer with fall-winter styles in the trend colour, orange. The vibrant fire orange of the Tyrolean label’s elegant and trendy models makes a stronger impact than nearly any other hue can.

Cosy pullovers, stylish long sleeves, or luxurious capes

Orange draws all the attention and perfects the athleisure look!

Make a statement

Orange offers a variety of possibilities for stylish combinations. It harmonises wonderfully with warm tones from the same colour family.

Earthy nuances like soft beige, camel, or brown tones lend a touch of elegance which goes far beyond business wear. Orange also goes perfectly with white, blue, or metallic tones.

For bold fashionistas: dare to try an all-orange outfit or combine the tone with other strong colours, like red or pink – the styling combinations are limitless!