New consciousness for quality

Pro tips

“Conscious Shopping” is the new creed.

What do I really need and what will bring me joy for a long time? The new consciousness for quality is the current topic in fashion. Consumption habits are changing and we’re observing this trend closely. Investing in good quality is worthwhile to ensure that you can enjoy your favourite pieces for longer. This especially applies when it comes to cashmere. The pros at Philo-Sofie Cashmere share six tips for buying cashmere.

Made with care – shop with care.

The fibre of cashmere goats is one of the most precious natural fibres of all. Real cashmere yarn, spun from cashmere goats’ fine undercoat, is limited and thus very sought-after. So it’s not surprising that some tricks are used in processing this fibre and the difference is often difficult to spot for end consumers.

The quality and price of pure cashmere without other fibres is affected not only by the purity of the fibres but also the length of the hairs. The longest fibres are the most precious because the shorter fibres tend to loosen themselves from the spun yarn and develop knots. This is known as pilling and is a side effect that particularly occurs in lower-quality cashmere yarns.


“100% Cashmere” means there are no other fibres – this label is a good indicator, but still not a guarantee of quality.


Quality has a price: Cheaper models are almost always made of stretched or low-quality yarn.


Cashmere has a unique feel – with a little practice, you can recognise the fibre by touch.


Naturally beige to light brown, cashmere can be dyed any colour. Textiles made of dyed yarn are more exclusive than items dyed after they have been made.

Favourite pieces with a lifetime value

Founder Barbara Schoppe and her daughter andCEO Franziska Stremme have been in the cashmere business since 2007 with their exclusive label Philo-Sofie Cashmere and know what is important. The successful mother-daughter team sums it up for us: “Our philosophy is designing fashionable knits of the highest quality. Every one of our pieces is a favourite of ours with a lifetime value.”