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Care For Cashmere

The Fabric of Cashmere Dreams

Welcome to Philo-Sofie

Only the best is good enough for the exquisite Philo-Sofie pieces. The material of choice is therefore no surprise: 100 percent cashmere – what else?

Cashmere is considered the epitome of luxury and glamour. For this exclusive fine wool, only the finest undercoat of Asian cashmere goats is processed. The name itself derives from the Cashmere region. During the production of the high-quality material, the top hair of the animals is separated from the undercoat. A cashmere goat can deliver approximately 200 grams of the latter per year. However, one needs approximately 300 grams for a single sweater. The valuable natural fibre is then sorted and washed – by hand of course. This explains the absolute exclusivity of cashmere.

The Exclusive Cashmere Club – 100 Percent Luxury

Cashmere is not always cashmere. A cashmere product must earn its name by consisting of at least 85 percent of the high-end wool. The natural fibre is often blended with merino wool or other wool types. Philo-Sofie only uses 100 percent cashmere materials and is thus among the “crème da la crème” of the luxurious cashmere sector. Only goods of the very highest quality made of pure cashmere wool may bear this exclusive title. The result is a unique, soft experience that not only caresses the skin, but also pleases the eye. For this reason, cashmere is often referred to as “the fibre of kings”. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Philo-Sofie has created a collection made of luxury-grade yak wool for the very first time. Due to its unique thermal properties, Philo-Sofie turned the fine wool into exquisite outdoor models.

Philo-Sofie – It’s All About Care

The cashmere fibre is a real diva and demands to be treated with special care. In most cases, it is sufficient to subject your favourite piece to some fresh air outdoors. Nevertheless, one should bring the washing machine into play every now and then. The best choice is a wool programme with liquid wool detergent or high-quality hair shampoo. But please never wash this finest of natural fibres at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius or even with fabric softener! Those who prefer washing by hand should use lukewarm water only and not wring the pieces out. Instead, cashmere items should be rolled up tightly in towels.

 Cashmere Tips from the Philo-Sofie Experts

Cashmere can be dried with cold air in a drier or laid flat on a drying rack with a towel underneath. But please don’t forget to turn it around half-way! In order to lengthen a garment that is a little too short, the favourite item can be spread on a hanger. To ensure that the natural fibre retains its shape, hangers with an accurate shoulder shape are preferable. By the way: every cashmere item will start to pill sooner or later. After all, the natural fibre is a living material. The good news is that the more cashmere is worn, the less it pills. However, the annoying nodules can be removed easily and conveniently with a textile comb or pilling shaver. If you even remember to store your finest cashmere garments in a dark and cool place, you can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy your favourite pieces for many years to come.