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Philo-Sofie – The Brand

Finest materials and fashionable designs – the exclusive cashmere label Philo-Sofie combines the best of two worlds.

Stylish Compositions and Modern Design

Fashion that meets the highest standards - the European cashmere label Philo-Sofie attaches great importance to using only the finest materials and paying attention to even the tiniest details.

For the Love of Cashmere

Philo-Sofie was founded in 2007 by Barbara Schoppe. The label’s elegant fashion swiftly became a “must-have” for luxury enthusiasts and fashionistas. The European brand skilfully plays with structures and silhouettes; it combines purist design with international fashion trends. At the same time, Philo-Sofie is also dedicated to key topics such as environmental sustainability and fair production environments.

Finest, Feminine, and Fun Fashion

From formal business looks to casual leisure looks - Philo-Sofie stands for exclusive cashmere fashion for every occasion. Based in Elmau, Tyrol, the design team headed by chief designer and founder Barbara Schoppe strives to push the limits of the fine fibre in terms of design, thus setting new trends in the cashmere segment.