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The Founder

Philo-Sofie Designer and Managing Director Barbara Schoppe

Barbara Schoppe knew what she wanted at an early age. Even during her childhood, she was determined to make her way into the fashion industry. In the exclusive cashmere brand Philo-Sofie, the congenial Austrian has found her calling.

Fashion DNA

Barbara Schoppe was literally born with a fascination for fashion. As the daughter of a master tailor, she always wanted to be creative and design her own fashion. The launch of her cashmere brand Philo-Sofie in 2007 was therefore nothing less than the fulfilment of a dream. Ever since, the fashion-conscious maverick has been setting new standards in the field of cashmere fashion. She channels all her creativity and passion to achieve her ultimate goal: the creation of fashion in which women feel beautiful.

Philo-Sofie – Family as Motivation and Support

It’s a small world, right? This proverb rings especially true for Barbara Schoppe. The creative company founder and chief designer is truly a citizen of the world. The Austrian fashion entrepreneur honed her skills and gained experience at international labels such as Christian Dior, Chanel, and Kathleen Madden. Her impressions from that time shape the look of her brand today. Barbara Schoppe finds support in her two children, who share her passion for fashion. They are already actively involved in the business and contribute to the company heritage with their own projects.